Brian McDuffie


Born: 28th March, 1940, Twickenham, London
Passed: 10th June, 2008, Stokers Siding, Australia

This website has been made available on the world wide web to celebrate the exceptional talents of Brian McDuffie who was an artist, film director, professional motorcyclist, photographer...

"...My Father, Brian McDuffie, was an exceptional Artist. I only knew him for a short period of time before he passed. I don't have many memories of him but I know that he was an amazing person. I was four years old when he died, and now I am eleven. I have seen some of his art works and designs. They are very well drawn. I know now where the drawing talent in our Family comes from and I hope one day to become an Artist, just like my Father."

Manon McDuffie, 5th March 2016



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